Steps. Day 294.



Not really finished, plus I wanted to draw a complementary angle in color to make a diptych, but my neck and head are avoiding me to function properly


Hey :) I really really like your drawings and paintings!! I got a question. Do you just take the pen and always draw what comes to your mind or do you use photos to get inspired?

I do a bit of both, actually. Some days I just put on some music, start doodling and the sketch comes along. But on others I do find it quite helpful to draw moods and ideas (and reference!) from pictures.

And thank you for your lovely words, that means a lot! :)

Your sketches are so good! I was just looking through your archive and wondering why you don't have more notes on them; they're amazing!

Thank you so much, that so kind!

Well, I think that how active you are on tumblr has a huge impact on how many people get to see your stuff. With a daily drawing, uni and everything else, I, sadly, don’t often find time for looking very thoroughly through my dashboard and finding new blogs!

Thanks again, and have a lovely day! :)